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Viral ID Training

Viral ID is a simple application that is intended to be used daily on Cell phones or tablet devices to keep track of testing.  This is also compatible with any computer to use for keeping track of reimbursements and referencing previous testing.

Please see the training below to see how this can work for your company.

What Does Viral ID DO?

  • Allows medical testing professionals to document each test individually
  • Provides a single location to store results
  • Allows the lookup of test results for individuals and patients
  • Allows reimbursement staff to keep track of which tests have been submitted for reimbursement and which tests have been paid.
  • Provides a way to submit positive tests to the CDC to provide statistics on positive infections in your area.

How Viral ID Works

Adding New Test Results

Adding test results is very simple and is commonly performed using a cellular phone or tablet device.   This allows the testing professional to quickly take a picture of the test at the time it should be read to see if the person is infected and upload it directly into the system along with the person’s other related information.

Adding the results from a test typically takes about a minute or two to complete.

Adding an Image

A form is provided to document a few details about the persona taking the test.  Within this form are three options to include a photo that can be taken with the cellular phone or tablet device.  If entering this from a desktop computer an image can be uploaded.

One hint is that some practices will lay the test down next to the person’s drivers license to ensure the test you are recording is the correct one for this person.  However, this is totally optional.  See the video on how this is done.

Images of the front and back of insurance cards may also be uploaded for reimbursement from health insurance companies.

Viewing Test Results

After a test is recorded, the record is stored for reference later.  You are able to see the details of the test including the person’s name, contact information, date of the test, images of the results of the test, as well as who performed the test.

These are also used if reporting to the CDC is necessary.


Keeping Track of Reimbursements

Two simple checkboxes allow you to keep track of which tests have been submitted to insurance for reimbursement and which have been paid.  That way you can make sure you are reimbursed for every test that is performed.

Alternatively, there are professional medical reimbursement companies that can help you with your reimbursements.  We are happy to refer you to these companies.