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Setting Up Your Office

Now that you have your tests, how do you go about testing patients as they enter your waiting room?  Below are some suggestions you may consider as you prepare for your COVID-19 Testing.  

Your waiting room is an ideal place to perform these COVID-19 rapid tests.  The patients typically come up to the front desk to begin, and after checking in, they can be instructed to the testing station where the test will be performed.

Your waiting room can be sectioned off into a “Testing Area” and a “Clean Area”.  Once a patient is tested and their test comes back negative, they can be asked to go sit in the “Clean Area” awaiting their normal office visit.

Each waiting room is designed and laid out differently.  So you will need to design your testing area the way it best fits your particular waiting room.  

Some dental offices have set up a tent outside when the weather permits to test patients before they enter the office.  


Sometimes simpler is better.  With a single strip of warning tape, you can separate your waiting room into two areas.  The receptionist can simply explain as people enter your office what the tape is there for and instruct them about the COVID-19 testing.

Here is a link where you can find some warning tape you can place on your floor.

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